Rob Edwards Balboa Teacher and Swing DJ

Robert Edwards is a swing dance teacher and swing DJRobert Edwards is a swing dance teacher and swing DJ with a particular fondness for Balboa. Rob has been sharing his love of swing dancing and swing music professionally since 2011.

He took his first swing steps in the corner of a social dance floor on his birthday in 2008. His gratitude towards the friend that took him along that night can not be overstated, because that night changed his life. He was instantly hooked and set about doing every class he possibly could. It wasn’t long before he was attending international swing events and performing with the local demo troupe. There has been a lot of kick-ball-changes and stomp-offs under the bridge since those days!

His passion for all things swing has him out dancing, teaching, or practicing most nights of the week. Rob can teach Lindy Hop, Charleston, Blues, and Solo Vernacular Jazz, but his first love is Balboa, for which he is one of Australia’s top competitors. He is also the founder of a solo jazz and hat tricking group called The Keen Gents Collective, which is the largest such group in the world.

Rob’s enthusiasm for dancing is only matched by his love of the infectious dance music of the swing era. Under the tutelage of one of America’s top swing DJs (Kyle Smith), Rob has worked hard to build the knowledge and skills that are expected of a world class swing DJ.

His recent competition highlights have included placing 1st in the Australian Balboa Championships (Brisbane, 2015 & 2017), 1st in the Balboa Showdown at All the Cats Join In (Melbourne, 2017 & 2018), 1st in the Windy Lindy Balboa competition (New Zealand, 2015), and being a semi-finalist in the Australian Hellzapoppin’ Prize (2014, fast Lindy Hop), all with his partner Emma Hadfield.

Experience and Achievements

Attended The Balboa Experiment (USA, North Carolina ) – 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017.
Australian Balboa Championships – 1st place 2017, 2nd place 2016, 1st place 2015, 2nd place 2014, 3rd place 2012.
Balboa on the River – Jack & Jill competition 1st place (2017, 2016, and 2015)
All the Cats Join In (Melbourne, 2017 & 2018) – 1st place Balboa Showdown, 1st place Jack & Jill.
Windy Lindy 2015 (NZ) – 1st place Balboa, 2nd place Hellzapoppin’, 2nd Place Showcase, 2nd place Lindy Jack & Jill.
Windy Lindy 2014 (NZ) – 2nd place Balboa, 3rd place Strictly Lindy, 3rd place Lindy Jack & Jill.
Australian Hellzapoppin’ Prize – Semi-finalist 2014, competitor 2013.
Attended dance camps in Massachusetts, North Carolina, San Diego, Los Angeles, Wellington, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart, Lismore, and Margaret River.
Member of Brisbane’s demo troupes :
– The Pocket Rockets (Corner Pocket Swing) 2015-2016
– The River City Stompers (Empire Swing) 2009-2014
– The Keen Gents Collective – 2013-present
Teacher of The Diga Doo’s (Brisbane Balboa Performance Troupe) – 2014
Teacher & Choreographer of The Palladium Apple Stealers (Brisbane Balboa Performance Troupe) – 2015
Teacher of Lindy Hop (up to and including advanced level) 2011-present
Teacher of Balboa at Corner Pocket Swing 2015-Present
Teacher of Balboa at Empire Swing 2013-2015
Organiser of monthly Balboa Blitz 2012-2015
Swing and Blues DJ

If you have any questions about classes, private lessons, performances, or DJing services, Rob can be contacted by emailing

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PH: 0418 715 891