Balboa Swing Classes in Brisbane

Tuesday: Drop-in Balboa Swing Classes with Corner Pocket Swing

Beginners can start any Tuesday night at 7:00pm in the Balboa Fundamentals class. No need to register, just roll up a few minutes early and say hi!





Level 1 Balboa Fundamentals* 7:00pm to 8:00pm
Level 2 Balboa Explorers** 8:15pm to 9:15pm


$17 ($15 for concession card holders)

Balboa Explorers students may do the Balboa Fundamentals class beforehand for free and we strongly encourage it!

CLASS CARDS are now available! Enjoy 8 weeks of classes for the low price of $120 ($110 concession). Class cards are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase
Buy for yourself or as a gift here:


The Danish Club
36 Austin St, Newstead

Our wonderful venue is situated very close to the city for easy access from all suburbs and is a stone's throw from a variety of great places to eat and drink before class. But most Importantly, it's air-conditioned...

Balboa Swing Classes Danish Club Exterior
From the outside
Balboa Swing Classes Danish Club Interior dancing students
Inside the Danish Club

There are also some comfy couches that are not shown in the photo 🙂


Rob's phone number: 0418 715 891

Teacher Profiles:

Robert Edwards & Emma Hadfield

Facebook Pages:

Corner Pocket Swing - Balboa is the Facebook page for this class. is the Facebook page of the teachers.

Code of conduct:


The Corner Pocket Swing website also has a page with these class details.

*Beginners can start in this class any Tuesday night. No need to register, just roll up a few minutes early and say hi!

**Level 2 Balboa Explorers classes will assume that you can lead or follow the fundamentals of Balboa, such as Up-hold, Down-hold, and Out&In basics, Ad-libs, Crab-walks, Paddles, Come-around, Throw-outs, and Lollys. All of these are regularly taught in the Level 1 Fundamentals class and you are most welcome to move up once you've got a handle on them.